about saifir

After his first synthesizer experience (the glorious APR 2600).. and after some math to learn he'd need to cut all the lawns in the city of LA to afford such a beast.. he needed a new plan. saifir would often sort though piles of old Merlin PBX phone systems coupled with a 2 speed reel to reel, saifir began the journey stepping into the world of DIY weirdness. saifir started sound collage projects with said parts at the age of 11. Tape loops became of interest, using cassette tapes with several machines layering sounds, placing machines in various locations, to utilize the atmosphere effect. 1989 saifir relocated to the bay area, and discovered KFJC 89.7 FM Los Altos hills builtin-board. He responded to a few listings and met new folks to do projects with.

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